Trends in Adaptive Case Management April 06 2017

The Future of Adaptive Case Management @

Extending the very interesting discussion at BPM.COM, in which #PeterShooff is asking about the next big technologies in BPM - What would be the equivalent in the Adaptive Case Management Space?

We have seen very interesting hints in the past about what's to come to ACM during the next couple of months: Cognitive technologies, AI, pattern recognition, ad-hoc building blocks and so much more!

What do you think will define the realm of Case Management over the next year?

Make also sure to submit your winning ACM cases to WfMC for the upcoming 2017 Awards for Excellence in Case Management: link

Join the Case Management Awards 2017!!! March 24 2017

WfMC Awards for Case Management 2017

The prestigious annual Case Managements Awards are approaching again. The winners of 2016 have been truly impressive! 

• Fein Such Kahn & Shepard nominated by Fujitsu America
• Genpact nominated by Salesforce
• Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company nominated by Hyland, creator of OnBase
• LDS Church nominated by Vega ECM Solutions
• Leading European Bank nominated by ISIS Papyrus
• Molina Healthcare, Inc. nominated by Datum Solutions
• Unicredit Leasing nominated by EMC Corporation
• URAC nominated by AINS
• Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation nominated by Hyland and Naviant, Inc.

Make sure to read up on all the abstracts here and join in for the awards in 2017!

Wireless connectivity of billions of objects offers many benefits--and risks October 14 2015

Wireless connectivity of billions of objects offers many benefits--and risks.Via Alexander Crépin

In 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary added the phrase"Internet of things" to its hallowed pages, along with such neologisms as Bitcoin (a virtual currency), selfie (a self-portrait photo), twerk (a new dance move), and fauxhawk (a mohawk hairstyle achieved with gel and a comb).

"But what exactly is the Internet of things, and how might the emerging technology change our lives?

"The Internet of things is a concept that aims to extend the benefits of the regular Internet—constant connectivity, remote control ability, data sharing, and so on—to goods in the physical world. Foodstuffs, electronics, appliances, collectibles: All would be tied to local and global networks through embedded sensors that are "always on.""

>>From -February 16, 9:09 PM

 With estimates of 30 billion or more connected devices, there will be far too many devices and interactions will be far too complex to keep pace with traditional software techniques.

The only way to make sense of the flow of information is to visualize them as part of processes that exchange and process the information byproduct forming something we call BPM Everywhere.

The book discusess critical issues currently facing BPM adopters and practitioners, such as the key roles played by process mining uncovering engagement patterns and the need for process management platforms to coordinate interaction and control of smart devices.

BPM Everywhere

Published by Future Strategies Inc. Lighthouse Point, FL.

5 Opportunities in the Process Space for 2015 February 04 2015

5 Opportunities in the Process Space for 2015

If you have been doing work in the process space — implementing customer systems, researching new technologies, developing new products — these are all excellent opportunities to share your expertise and show your leadership.  But don’t delay... and register now so you don’t miss the deadline.

There are 5 key opportunities to participate in process space (BPM and ACM) in the next few months, and the deadlines are coming up, so don't delay, and don't miss out.
Keith Swenson points out  in a recent blog post, "There are 5 key opportunities to participate in process space (BPM and ACM) in the next few months, and the deadlines are coming up, so don’t delay, and don’t miss out."


Keith has been on a 30-year quest to find the keys to technology that will help people collaborate more effectively. In doing so, he has become internationally recognized as a top influencer in this space, authoring numerous books and keynoting hundreds of conferences on the topic. He also blogs on the subjects of BPM and Case Management at

He is currently working on co-authoring BPM Everywhere (in production) and contributed the Foreword to the new recent best-seller, Passports to Success in BPM

Thriving on Adaptability January 20 2015

Thriving On Adaptability

The Foreword by Surendra Reddy is particularly insightful:

"ACM also helps organizations focus on improving or optimizing the line of interaction where our people and systems come into direct contact with customers. It’s a whole different thing; a new way of doing business that enables organizations to literally become one living-breathing entity via collaboration and adaptive data-driven biological-like operating systems."

It is now also on