Paper: A Methodology for Human BPM Processes

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A Methodology for Human BPM Processes

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Keith D Swenson, Fujitsu America, USA

We often think of digital transformation in terms of machines and data flows. As we make everything digital, what is it that we are transforming? There is little to gain from digitizing things that are already automated.

The real benefit comes from transforming things that are not automated; things that today are human processes. The goal cannot be to simply automate earlier manual processes. Many processes are done by humans today because they cannot be automated by the traditional means.  Humans have a natural decision-making ability that far exceeds the capability of pre-defined rules. The important question in front of us is how to make a digital organization that works symbiotically with people. Not replacing, but enhancing, their work.

In this chapter, Mr Swenson offers a method to take a human information worker process and to properly implement a case process that support the worker to get more done, to be more efficient and more accurate.

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