Case Study: Ministry of Interior, Colombia

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Ministry of Interior, Colombia

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

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The platform meets the needs of legal representatives from over 5000 religious entities, which according to the figures estimated by the Interior’s Public Information Bureau, agglomerate over 10 million parishioners.

The Ministry’s religious entity process was confusing for the general public. This situation was exploited by unscrupulous people who acted as intermediaries in managing the process and charged very high rates for their services. Furthermore, it was difficult maintaining updated information in the public record which led to circumstances of misinformation and duplication problems.

The Religious Affairs processes were analyzed, developed, tested and put into service on time; and in March 2015 the Ministry was able to offer the free online certificate of recognition of legal status to non-Catholic religious entities.

Both the Ministry and citizens are pleased with the results. Now, thanks to the automation of these processes, requested Legal Entity recognition certificates are issued within a few minutes. The certificates are sent via e-mail free of charge. This constitutes an important alignment with the Ministry’s mission of transparency, effectiveness and efficiency, hereby providing the citizens optimal services.

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