Paper: Improve, Automate, Digitize

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Improve, Automate, Digitize

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Frank Kowalkowski, Knowledge Consultants, Inc., USA

Have you ever wondered why organizations spend a lot of money, get involved with large projects for improvement or transformation, get outside help, and yet, still don’t realize the value they expected? Then, several years later, things seem to get on track or they get worse. Did the management learn anything? Every time a new technology, method or other ‘hot thing’ comes out, organizations try to take advantage of it before the competition. The author looks at new advances in digitization, process automation and myriad other technologies pushing their way into the business space.

He points out that there are organizations that already have a staff of 1000 or more analysts doing analytics on data. Often this is not automatically captured data but is data that supports decision-making by humans. This is true especially in health care and government. The digital parts are usually not operationally integrated into processes but are linked to business needs that require support by human operators of the processes.

Mr Kowalkowski details orderly ways to proceed with integrating digitization, transformation and BPM efforts. The basic idea is to start with accurate processes at the beginning of a transformation rather than jumping into the new technology immediately. At the same time management needs to know if the value proposition they read about is realistic for their organizations.