Paper: Intelligent Automation Delivers Intelligent Adaptability

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Intelligent Automation Delivers Intelligent Adaptability 

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

Nathaniel Palmer, WfMC, USA

Adaptability is the key benefit enabled by Adaptive Case Management (ACM). As a framework enabler for driving adaptability, however, critical ACM solutions require the ability to receive signal data and apply this against rules and policies (e.g., decision logic) to drive optimal outcomes. The ability to adapt differentiates ACM from the process automation that came before it. For this reason, we have most often contrasted “automation” as being both limited and antiquated within the context of modern knowledge work and the inherent benefits of ACM. Yet might the benefits of ACM, and specifically the emergence of Intelligent Adaptability, extend also to a transformation of process automation?

In this chapter, we will explore how Intelligent Automation can be realized to deliver on the promise of Intelligent Adaptability, expanding the capabilities of ACM beyond what had previously been thought to be the limitations of automation.

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