Paper: IoT with iBPM & DCM for Battlefield Digital Transformation

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IoT with iBPM & DCM for Battlefield Digital Transformation

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Kerry M. Finn, Raytheon Corporation, USA, Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, PegaSystems Inc., USA

Aspects of business process management (BPM) have been around for many years, with a known value statement in terms of business efficiency and cross-functional life-cycle improvements. The essential concept is that when a business can agree on and build a common model for key business processes that span functional organizations, followed by supporting organizational, user process and technology changes, then very significant life-cycle improvements in cost, cycle time and manpower can be achieved beyond the scope of one business function or organization. The evolution of intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) as workflow automation shifts to its 4th generation provides a powerful tools suite that enables dynamic processes that accommodate agility and change through a common and integrated suite of DevOps-inspired automation and time to market deployment of workflow solutions.

The paper spans the complete spectrum of digital technologies as they are leveraged in Battlefield planning and operations, including mobile, social collaboration, cloud, analytics, IoT, and especially digitized theater value streams through iBPM and Dynamic Case Management (DCM). The authors provide frameworks to accelerate process responsiveness, visibility, and transparency with continuous optimizations. They also address the digital transformation maturity assessment frameworks for battlefield responsiveness to accommodate tactical networks.

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