Paper: Public Safety and Dynamic Business Process Control

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Public Safety and Dynamic Business Process Control

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

David RR Webber, Huawei Public Safety, China

Public Safety covers the complete spectrum of challenges across society and the ultimate goals are always the same; provide citizens with a trusted environment where they can prosper without fear of threats to property, personal wellbeing and life disruptions. The risks are ever-changing and can run the gamut from cyber security, financial security and physical security to emergency management.

This chapter describes why and how knowledge worker support for public safety applications is crucial. Channeling information feeds from both background analytic systems and real-time event management. Synthesizing these to provide alerts, insights and actionable intelligence, followed by invoking the most appropriate response and associated business process(es) to remediate the situation. This can include geospatial inputs on locations of resources and assets. Teams need to be able to respond and coordinate with accurate situational awareness providing an appropriate level of services from limited resource pools.

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