Paper: Smart Adaptive BPM Engine

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Smart Adaptive BPM Engine

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

Pedro Robledo, BPMteca, Spain

Adaptive Case Management envisions processes that are not designed in advance, but are rather processes that respond moment-by-moment. In an agile environment, where all structured processes have predesigned their business behaviors in advance, they will need to be adapted depending on real-time circumstances. Disruption from Artificial Intelligence applied to BPM will provide a smart adaptive BPM engine that will cause fundamental changes for the structured processes because these could change their predesigned behavior as the BPM engine starts learning, so this new capability of BPM will provide the right tasks at the right moment for a customer. The fundamental idea is the automatic adaptation of the process models are defined by the automatic learning of the Workflow Engine that orchestrates the processes.

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