Paper: Value Streams Driving the Business Internet of Things

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Value Streams Driving the Business Internet of Things

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Joseph B. Lail and Gregory T. Taylor, Raytheon USA

The direction towards global markets and operations places stress on many business processes that originated in the days of primarily domestic business and occasional international operations. The potential of a broader set of customers across more regions carries a set of complications where in-country policies, acquisition rules, leadership expectations and differing infrastructure challenge carrying a domestic business model into the global scene. The Raytheon Company is stepping back to look at new value streams, or models across marketing, engineering, suppliers, manufacturing and information systems, which lead to improved business outcomes and improved affordability in the more complex global market. We will demonstrate how the key shifts in business capabilities tied to this value stream will enable new business processes, then how that use case drives new technology and more efficient business operations. This specific case leads to the Internet of Things (IoT), but in a context relevant to our defense business with specific policies and mission needs that we have labeled the "Business IoT". The Business IoT combined with advanced analytics brings powerful new agility and business efficiency driven throughout by rigorous application to the new business process and direct relation to the future value stream.

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