Paper: Woots: Smart Things that Can Think, Act, Learn and Talk

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Woots: Smart Things that Can Think, Act, Learn and Talk 

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Surendra Reddy, CEO, Quantiply, USA 

We introduce a new concept called Web Of Open Things (Woots) that are everyday "Smart Things" with a specific identity, address and presence on the Internet and capabilities to self-organize and communicate with other things with or without human intervention. To make sense of the flow of information, activities, and rich interaction experience, Woots also embed a “tiny brain” to provide context awareness, autonomy, business process intelligence and reactivity. A semantic memory embedded into Woots stores a digital diary of an individual physical object in a persistent way and makes this information available to other devices, applications, and its environment. Woots would enable the creation of personalized software humanoids that will cater for our needs in private life, including shopping, smart home and public environments.

This paper discusses on the adoption of smart analytics and business process intelligence into Smart Things to realize the Web of Open Things (Woots), how to improve interoperability, reduce the overall architectural complexity, and facilitate the integration of processes, people, and things.

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