Case Study: Die Mobiliar, Insurance Company AG, Switzerland

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Die Mobiliar, Insurance Company AG, Switzerland

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Nominated by ISIS Papyrus Europe AG, Austria

The Swiss insurance company Die Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance organization in Switzerland. As a multiline insurer, offering a full range of insurance and pension products and services, Die Mobiliar needs to handle a huge quantity of documents, exchanged with approximately 1.7 million customers. Therefore, the "Mobiliar Korrespondenz System" MKS (Mobiliar Correspondence System) for ad hoc generation of well-designed and rich content documents is vital for Die Mobiliar.

Each insurance document is designed and delivered in high quality by the document generation processes executed in a huge and manifold working environment. Documents are composed from building blocks following insurance regulations. Moreover, the data filled into a certain document is retrieved on the fly from diverse data sources. These complex business processes are handled in a quick and exact way by the MKS built on the Papyrus Platform and its ACM (Adaptive Case Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) capabilities. The combination of these two technologies enables flexibility from design time to run time of the document generation process.

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