Paper: ACM Methodology

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ACM Methodology

This chapter was originally published in Best Practices for Knowledge Workers

Jürgen Kress, Oracle Corporation, Germany Ricardo Puttini, University of Brasilia, Brazil Danilo Schmiedel, Opitz Consulting, Germany

The ACM Methodology presented at this chapter consists of five major phases:

• Business Modeling

• Visualization

• Analysis

• Design

• Implementation

Existing analyses, technologies and models are adapted and combined towards an Adaptive Case Management Methodology. This chapter will introduce each phase and illustrate it using a case study derived from an actual customer implementation. The sample implementation, including templates, is available at Each phase is described in detail together with a set of artifacts, which are developed by the stakeholders. Table 1 shows the ACM Methodology Phases with their artifacts and stakeholders, and Figure 1 shows samples of these artifacts.

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