Paper: Is Your Business Ready for BPM Everywhere?

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Is Your Business Ready for BPM Everywhere? 

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Nathaniel Palmer, and WfMC 

The greatest impact on business process over the last five years has not come specifically from technology; or at least not technology alone. Instead, the one fundamental change that holds the greatest potential for business disruption, and similarly offers the greatest opportunity for innovation, is the dramatic shift in customer expectations. As we will discuss later in this chapter, the in-ability to adapt systems fast enough to keep pace with evolving customer ex-pectations is the single greatest challenge reported by companies we sur-veyed.

Resolving this challenge is what drives most IT investments and digital trans-formation initiatives today. Yet it is far from a stopgap measure. What we are seeing now is still the beginning of an inflexion point in the trajectory of change. This is the arrival of digital disruption, which recognizes no finite boundaries on what it will change. Everything today that we see, touch, buy, consume and require to live will all be affected in one capacity or another.

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