Paper: Managing BPM Toward the Singularity

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Managing BPM Toward the Singularity


This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Roy Altman, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA


The Singularity describes when ordinary computers exceed the capacity of the human brain. Moores Law, which states that computing power increases at an exponential rate, has held constant since the dawn of the computer age. If one extrapolates forward, experts agree that the Singularity will be reached within 15-30 years. We are entering the age leading up to the Age of Intelligent Machines. Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are already having a profound impact on business and society. As the lines blur between our work and private time, and our physical and digital lives, BPM will become pervasive by providing a framework for managing interactions including both predetermined and uncertain processes. Once The Singularity is reached and exceeded, there will be profound impacts on society. We need to plan for the implications of the redefined role of humans, and management of a robotic workforce. We currently manage to the technology we have today or in the near future. We need to manage BPM along the technology curve toward The Singularity, with an eye toward the powerful technologies that are just around the corner.

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