Paper: Transform Customer Experience and Operational Excellence - Connie Moore

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Transform Customer Experience and Operational Excellence By Going Digital Outside and Inside

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Connie Moore, Digital Clarity Group

The amount of information generated each day within businesses and government is enormous. It continues to outstrip the abilities of workers to process incoming requests and information from customers and prospects, and for sales, service, support and finance to fulfill those requests internally.

Connie Moore examines how this unending deluge of structured and unstructured information pushes organizations to ditch their old, outdated ways of working. In place of old ways, they must embrace a plethora of channels to capture the ever-rising amounts and types of data submitted by customers in an effort to become fully digital on the outside.

At the same time, enterprises are concerned with internal efficiency and advances in operational excellence in their rapidly changing industries. In response, they are putting their efforts behind new systems that transform digital operations, streamline internal processes, reduce the information glut, integrate business applications with information stores and go digital inside.

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