WfMC Global Awards Entry Fee: Case Management

Retail Price : $ 295.00

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WfMC Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management

The ACM awards are part of the WfMC Business Transformation Awards

Submit your abstract now (free, easy and quick!)

  • Send us your 250-word abstract that answers these three questions:
  1. Who (by roles within the organization) are the users of the system?
  2. What area(s) of the business does the Case Management System affect?
  3. Why should this submission be considered a successful ACM case study?

The judges will review your abstract and send you feedback and guidance on what steps you can take to turn in a really good entry. Following feedback on your abstract, we will supply you with our easy Q&A template to complete and return - this will be your full case study.

No entry fee required for nominating US government agencies or entries nominated by US government officials.