Case Study: INTA, Argentina

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INTA, Argentina

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Nominated by PECTRA Technology Inc., USA

In order to optimize institutional management, INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) developed the "Administration Modernization" project which included implementation of a Business Process Management System (BPMS) parallel to modification of internal regulations and structure in order to reduce the complexity of processes, while maintaining legal protection and improving the information system. More than five years after the implementation of the BPMS, INTA’s National Directorate for Information Systems, Communication, and Quality reports multiple benefits: greater adoption of BPMS (rising from 1 to 30 implemented processes); 1400% growth in number of users and the incorporation of 15 regional centers, 5 research sites, 50 research stations, 16 institutes, and more than 300 extension units; greater employee satisfaction (99%) due to the reduction of administrative and manual tasks—mostly tracking the status of internal procedures.

The project made it possible to integrate and digitize the information from multiple applications and manual procedures. A BPMS Center of Excellence (CoE) was created and it continues optimizing and automating processes. Reports and control panels for all processes were configured.

Today the BPMS implemented at INTA manages more than 7,500 daily automated process transactions that manage funds of up to $700 billion and involve internal and external organization users, showing improvements in time management, organizational transparency, and ease of access to the information.

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