Case Study: Santos City Hall, Brazil

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Santos City Hall, Brazil

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Nominated by Lecom S/A, Brazil

Santos is a municipality in São Paulo, the richest state of Brazil. In 2014, the City Hall began a program called “Digital Processes”, aiming at improving its internal processes. One year after implementation, the program already presents significant numbers, with countless operational and financial benefits. The initiative of Santos City Hall has been widely spread in Brazil and has become a significant benchmark for Brazilian federal, state and municipal government entities.  

With a population of 433,200 inhabitants in 2015, Santos is currently ranked sixth place in Human Development Index (HDI) among the municipalities of Brazil, which evidences its quality of life and economic development higher than the national standard. Its GDP per capita is double that of São Paulo state.

The Digital Processes program was based on the application of an Agile BPM methodology, with short cycles (sprints) of process redesign, prototyping and delivery. One year from initial implementation, there are already 39 processes in place and 53 under construction. Development in sprints helped to minimize users’ resistance and showed great results in a short period of time. It gave power to the program team and motivated Santos City Hall to move forward with its implementation.

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