Paper: BPM Farming: Reap Benefits by Nurturing Your Existing Platforms

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BPM Farming: Reap Benefits by Nurturing Your Existing Platforms

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Kay Winkler, NSI Soluciones, Panama

BPM everywhere indeed! The third wave of business process management has come and receded, having left an irreversible imprint on today’s technological landscape and business practices. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables business processes to extend services closer to our customers than ever before, while even more business applications sport BPM capabilities of some sort or another. Chances are that you have multiple workflow tools and BPMS set up in your organization. Thus, likely having an immense arsenal of technologies at your disposal to automate business processes, your stakes are high to harness the power of existing technologies, while avoiding the pitfalls of redundancies, information silos and misuse of applications whose main purpose is different to BPM.

The author details the key questions a company needs to address when desiring to keep using its existing BPM while improving current and creating new process solutions. He explains how to achieve business transformation, whereby all pieces of a larger and holistic strategy must fit perfectly.

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