Paper: Business Architecture for Process-Oriented Learning in Public Administration

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Business Architecture for Process-Oriented Learning in Public Administration 

This chapter was originally published in Business and Dynamic Change

Darius Silingas, No Magic Europe, Lithuania; Barbara Thönssen, FHNW, Switzerland; Alfonso Pierantonio, University of L’Aquila, Italy, Nesat Efendioglu, Robert Woitsch, BOC Asset Management, Austria 

The authors, Silingas, Thönssen, Pierantonio, Efendioglu and Woitsch, point out that ‘Civil servants are challenged to understand and put in action the latest procedures and rules within tight time constraints.’ They maintain this is done through a combination of a business process orientation and business architecture. Aligning these provides public organizations the means to better leverage their knowledge assets and provide improved services to their constituencies. The key to effectively deploying an environment that fosters the use of knowledge is the Model-Based Social Learning for Public Administrations. This approach takes advantage of process driven learning and structuring knowledge using architecture models.

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