Paper: Business Architecture – Information Necessity

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Business Architecture – Information Necessity 

This chapter was originally published in Business and Dynamic Change

Michael G. Miller, HSBC Global United States 

Architecture as described by Mr. Miller covers the utility of a structure collectively to all interested parties by showing the relationships among all its component parts. The intent of architecture is and was to provide utility to people and parties with a collective understanding of the utility being provided to the customer today and for the foreseeable future from each individual builder’s perspective. By ensuring that the objects of interest to business show up in both the business architecture (which describes a business’s behavior) and the information architecture (which describes a business’s structure), we can better assure the completeness and accuracy of both models. When business architecture is explicitly linked to the information architecture, we can better serve the enterprise in a timely manner against the data tsunami which is occurring as a result of all the new technologies (i.e. Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, etc.) coming into play.

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