Paper: Business Architecture: Setting the Record Straight

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Business Architecture: Setting the Record Straight 

This chapter was originally published in Business and Dynamic Change

William Ulrich, TSG, Inc., USA, Whynde Kuehn, S2E Consulting Inc., USA 

Mr. Ulrich and Ms. Kuehn describe a number of fundamental business architecture concepts. They include an overview, beneficiaries, common myths, core and extended perspectives, interdisciplinary alignment, governance, getting started, and a vision for the future Architecture. The Future Architecture is used to describe transitioning from a current environment to a future. Business Architecture covers a number of core “domain” categories that a business does (capability); the vocabulary it uses (information); how a business is organized (organization); and how a business delivers value to key stakeholders (value stream). As such, they believe that business architecture will become a critical, indispensable discipline in the business community.

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