Paper: Business Rules Design as Enabler for Intelligent Process Solutions

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Business Rules Design as Enabler for Intelligent Process Solutions

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

Kay Winkler, Negocios y Soluciones Informáticas S.A., Panama

Adaptive Case Management and Digital Transformation are trending terms used by most vendors in the field of BPM. The showcased platforms are acclaimed for their overarching premise—and capabilities—to more effectively and faster than ever before bridge the gap between customers and businesses. The ensuing propaganda also lends itself to create false impressions that there may be premade technological solutions available to the end users that would fit the criteria of a true adaptive case management (ACM) system. That, of course, is somewhat oxymoronic to the whole concept of knowledge worker enabling and supporting solutions itself. Smart processes that allow for adaptations are usually the result of iterative process enhancements within mature and scalable Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) that earn their prefix “i", for intelligent, through strategic features, enabling the definition, storage, enforcement and discovery of business rules.

This chapter is dedicated to exactly these features and to the practical guidelines of how to leverage business rules throughout real-life BPM implementations.

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