Paper: Cloud-Enabled ACM for the Age of the Customer

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Cloud-Enabled ACM for the Age of the Customer 

This chapter was originally published in Best Practices for Knowledge Workers

Linus Chow and Casey Conner, Salesforce; Sherry Comes, Genpact; Jin-Lin Mei and Tom Bullotta, Acumen Solutions 

We live in a customer-driven era where technology is evolving around the way consumers think, communicate, work and purchase. In this digital world, customers expect all of their technology to be easy-to-use, modern, and connected. Customers expect consistent and high-value in-person and digital experiences. They value a deep understanding of who they are and the anticipation of their needs.

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) use cases are driven to meet this higher expectation. Organizations are forced to transform their legacy systems and processes to a knowledge-based architecture that can be dynamic, variable and unstructured. Successful transformation is the difference between a thriving business or extinction. Thankfully, the same forces changing the customer's expectations have also produced new cloud capabilities that can provide a system of engagement layer to keep pace with customer demands. Welcome to the Age of the Customer!

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