Paper: Creating Digital Threads, Driving Lean Startup Models

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Creating Digital Threads, Driving Lean Startup Models

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors, UK

Digital transformation is a subject on every executive’s lips; no matter what industry they’re in. Organizations from sectors as diverse as financial services, retail, utilities and logistics see the threats posed by both new digital natives entering their marketplaces, by more traditional competitors stealing a march on them with new digitally-powered services and experiences, and even by out-of-sector players using digital channels to launch competitive products and services. However, digital technologies also hold the promise of giving you ways to protect your company against these threats, at the same time as improving the experiences that your organization can deliver to customers; improving your operational efficiency and agility and driving more innovation into your products and services.

In this paper, the author digs into several aspects of the concept of digital transformation and show the strategic role that IT has to play in delivering those aspects. He then goes on to show the extent to which modern business process application platforms fit the technology platform requirements that spring from serious digital transformation efforts.

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