Paper: Creating the Information Foundation for iBPM

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Creating the Information Foundation for iBPM

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

David RR Webber, Horizon Industries, USA

When creating predictable information assets solution architects face a bewildering array of competing approaches and theoretical philosophies. What choices make the most sense in the context of iBPM, and what are their pros and cons? How can we handle multilingual needs in a pluralistic distributed workforce? Big strides are being made in the ability to semantically package knowledge and information that can be processed logically and predictably. Tools that integrate into BPM solutions can provide a smooth and rapidly deployable information infrastructure. Existing open source and open standard software assets are considered along with complementary industry products. Use cases and examples are examined with respect to a selection of major industry challenges and needs including healthcare and multinational government collaboration. Particularly in regard to mobile device deployment and enabling collaborative team environments both domestically and internationally.

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