Paper: Intelligent Digital Transformation with VSaaS

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Intelligent Digital Transformation with VSaaS

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Pegasystems Inc., USA and  

Sushil Kumar, Pegasystems Inc., USA

The concept of Digital Value Streams within enterprises has evolved from the realization that each customer interaction, independent of the source or channel, needs to work harmoniously together to meet the customer need. Rather than having each channel work as an independent silo of customer interaction and information, the concept of a Digital Value Stream chains all of these interactions as links in achieving the overall customer objective. The notion of VSaaS (Value Stream as a Service), expands on this digital value stream concept within enterprises (intra) to go across business enterprises (inter), who can now plug in their business unit participants into the value stream, to contribute and achieve robust shared business objectives.

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