Paper: Making Sense out of the Architecture Jungle

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Making Sense out of the Architecture Jungle 

This chapter was originally published in Business and Dynamic Change

Frank F. Kowalkowski, Knowledge Consultants, Inc., USA 

Mr. Kowalkowski maintains that a useful way to partition the architecture space is to have four perspectives. Starting with the external landscape that drives change in an enterprise, the strategic view that is the response to that change, the operational view that structures the enterprise and the execution view that carries out the strategy. Using these 4 perspectives, architectures are linked and related using quantitative and qualitative analytics to assess responses to external influences that cascade across the architectures and impact realization. The focus in this paper is on the first two architecture perspectives with some detail on how they are represented. This approach provides value at the strategy level for change such as merger, acquisition, consolidation, divestiture and disposal of enterprise parts.

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