Paper: Process Oriented Architecture for Digital Transformation

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Process Oriented Architecture for Digital Transformation

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Vinay Mummigatti

Estimates from Cisco, Intel, GE and McKinsey consulting predict that more than 25-50 Billion ( predictions vary by each ) connected devices will exist by 2020 and the value creation through IOE can vary between $5-15trillion in the next decade.

The disruptions caused by this trend will impact the business processes and models offered by every large firm. Adding to this trend the demands of a connected customer makes it even more challenging as we need to provision goods and services in real time. It is a struggle for many firms to deal with the boundaries of Digital transformation that will decide their sheer existence in the next 3-5years. The social media user base has already crossed 1Billion and this is the market that is mainly consisting of Generation X – the digitally savvy, always connected, real time action oriented and driven by a sense of community.

As we navigate the digital paradigm and establish a seamless connection between social media, IOE and channels, we will come across major challenges as well as opportunities to grow and expand the business. The sheer size of the value that will be created through these disruptive trends can give birth to many new firms which will thrive on the emerging connected world.

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