Paper: The Viable System Model Meets Enterprise Architecture

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The Viable System Model Meets Enterprise Architecture

This chapter was originally published in BPM Everywhere

Alberto Manuel, Microsoft, South Africa

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is facing a handful of new challenges. Without going into a deep analysis, here a few reasons to consider:

  • The turf wars among “Business Architecture” and “IT Architecture” and all related EA silo thinking;
  • Business change is difficult to achieve because much more is needed than deploying a handful of improvement programs. Enterprise-wide culture change is necessary and that is one of the reasons that most transformation programs fail;
  • As organization maturity progresses, people realize that they cannot make changes in processes as in the past, interoperability and dependencies between operations, IT, organizational structure, business strategy and ultimately the fact that in some industries, consumers take charge of interactions so companies cannot control these processes anymore as they could previously.

Architect Carlos Matias sets the motivation why enterprise architecture must avoid capability studies, models, laying down technology, waiting for some kind of automation.

Enterprise Architecture should be about designing services, products, value propositions and how customers get served, how are those processes engineered and executed? How is money made?

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