Paper: Transforming Compliance Regulations into User Experience

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Transforming Compliance Regulations into User Experience

This chapter was originally published in Intelligent Adaptability

Christoph Czepa and Uwe Zdun, University of Vienna, Austria;
Christoph Ruhsam, ISIS Papyrus Europe, Austria

Compliance regulations are still often hard-coded in prescriptive, rigid business processes and perceived as a burden and obstacle for knowledge work, or even worse, they are simply evaluated post ex (i.e. through audits) without providing any prior IT tool support during case enactment. In this chapter, we discuss how compliance regulations, specified by a domain-specific business vocabulary and semantics (business ontology) can be leveraged to enable compliance by supporting the knowledge workers rather than interfering with their work. Support can be provided in form of a natural language compliance rule editor using the terms from the domain specific business vocabulary (ontology-based compliance rules). This way, reactive as well as proactive guidance can be offered that takes both the compliance rules and the knowledge workers’ past decisions into account to enhance the users' working experience. This opens the stage for new ACM-based business applications that truly serve the needs of business users focusing on delivering value to their customers.

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