Paper: Transforming Your Business to Achieve Operational Excellence

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Transforming Your Business to Achieve Operational Excellence

This chapter was originally published in Digital Transformation

Marti Colwell, BPLogix

The 21st century economy requires organizations to apply a more agile approach to problem solving and decision making. In order for today’s companies to be successful in our ultra-connected, rapid-paced business environment, they have to deploy technology in a way that aligns with their business goals. 

Today’s organizations also have access to more data, more connections, and an expanding list of new technology. To thrive in today's competitive marketplace, businesses must evolve from previous models to one that engages more stakeholders—while also giving them tools to achieve more independently, and often within shorter time frames.

We know that technology continues to empower workers. Software applications use consumer-like interfaces that increase adoption and usage; massive amounts of data can be manipulated and calculated to learn about very narrow segments of business activity; people closest to business problems can develop and deploy technology solutions without the need to know how to program – these are all enabling features of technology. As technology transforms businesses and becomes increasingly democratized, however, it requires (more) adherence to principles of operational excellence as a foundation.

For more than a generation, business process management (BPM) has been a methodology that can guide companies towards an optimal and more efficient path toward achieving its objectives. Organizations may subscribe to different schools of thought around BPM, but all have benefited from the idea that good processes— adapted as needed and adhered to with discipline—can be the most important tool they apply to achieving desired results. What they have discovered is the essence of BPM: when technology is used to support and improve business activity, while adhering to principles of operational excellence, it can lead to dramatic competitive advantage. With the added emphasis on digital tools and channels, organizations are transforming how they conduct business and engage with customers with BPM.

Let’s look at how smart businesses use BPM to transform how they address business challenges.

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