Paper: Value Streams Empowering the Knowledge Worker

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Value Streams Empowering the Knowledge Worker

This chapter was originally published in Best Practices for Knowledge Workers

Kerry Finn, Stephanie Ramsay and J. Bryan Lail, Raytheon, U.S.

Improving profit margins in a globally-competitive environment is tied explicitly to the challenge of managing knowledge workers. Over the past two decades, intentional management of knowledge has played an important role in designing products and services line that have fundamentally changed the industry (e.g. academia, defense, banking, and publishing). Many companies failed to realize the full benefits, however, because they focused too narrowly on functionally-siloed tools and methods to make decisions and transfer information while lacking key social, organizational, purpose, processes, innovation and context needed to enable and support knowledge workers.

We will address a local business example and an enterprise-wide example in our company of this living value-stream approach. The work has the potential to build off value stream and capability standards just published by the Business Architecture Guild to provide a case study for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

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