WfMC Global Awards Entry Fee: Case Management

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WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in
Case Management.

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The 2015 annual Excellence Awards are now open for submissions. Register here (free).

These awards are designed to highlight the best examples of technology to support knowledge workers.

The WfMC Awards for Case Management are the ideal way to be recognized by the industry worldwide, to publicly acknowledge and recognize the efforts of your team and to inject passion into your case management projects. Read 2014 winners' highlights here.

Get recognized for your vision and your team's superb efforts by entering the Global Excellence Awards

 Co-sponsored by WfMC and, these prestigious awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative Case Management solutions.

These awards are designed to highlight the best examples of technology to support knowledge workers. In 2014 fourteen teams were awarded top honors at the ACM Live Gala Event in June, and are featured in the new book, "Thriving on Adaptability."

Your entry fee of $250 is payable  when you submit your complete detailed case study.

See Adaptive Case Management site

If you would like the judge's feedback before submitting your full case study: 

Submit your abstract now (free, easy and quick!)

  • Send us your 250-word abstract that answers these three questions:
  1. Who (by roles within the organization) are the users of the system?
  2. What area(s) of the business does the Case Management System affect?
  3. Why should this submission be considered a successful ACM case study?

The judges will review your abstract and send you feedback and guidance on what steps you can take to turn in a really good entry. Following feedback on your abstract, we will supply you with our easy Q&A template to complete and return - this will be your full case study.

The next Awards Ceremony will take place on June 23, 2015 at The BPM and Case Management Global Summit Washington DCto be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City June 22-24.

Note: If you consider that you have a highly relevant case study, and your organization has difficulty meeting this entry fee please contact usNo entry fee required for nominating US government agencies or entries nominated by US government officials.

To help people learn and adopt this approach, we annually gather some of the best examples.  Do you have an interesting Use Case?  Submit it for the opportunity to win a prestigious award and publication in the next book on CM to be published in the Fall of 2015.

We will be accepting and judging submissions for both Adaptive Case Management (which is entirely under the control of the case manager) and Production Case Management (where the case manager has a lot, but not complete, scope for modification of the course of activity). See more here.