Business Rules: Management and Execution

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Business Rules:
Management and Execution (Print Edition)

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Business rules describe the operations, definitions and constraints that apply to an organization. Business rules can apply to people, processes, corporate behavior and computing systems in an organization, and are put in place to help the organization achieve its goals.

Business Rules: Why Should You Use Them?

This book helps corporate business readers to understand the meaning and impact of Business Rules within a variety of applications or scenarios such as:

  • Why and how to use a rules-based approach to validate, transform, recalculate, and remediate complex applications
  • The art of managing rules and terminology in a consistent, business-friendly, and shareable way
  • How to use a rules engine to achieve uniformity, consistency, continuous monitoring, transparency, flexibility, forecasting etc.
  • Key technologies, vendors and implementers in this ecosystem.


Focusing on What Makes Your Business Smart: Business Rules
Gladys S.W. Lam

Collaborative Rule Authoring
Kristen Seer

The Case of the Missing Algorithm
Mark Norton

Evaluation of Patient Eligibility for Publicly-Funded Vaccines
David Lyalin and Warren Williams


  • California Bank, USA
  • Deloitte Limited, New Zealand
  • IBM Global sales Incentives, USA
  • KPN, The Netherlands
  • MMG Insurance, USA
  • PowerHealth Solutions, Australia
  • Rabobank, The Netherlands
  • Traffic Control, The Netherlands
  • United Services Automobile
    Association (USAA), USA