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Develop rigorous yet understandable graphical representations of business processes

Stephen A. White, PhD
Derek Miers

  • This special digital edition includes FREE HandsOn Modeling BPMN Templates (Value $199) (see description below). Complete download file is 6MB zipped file containing PDF and WinWord Documents.

BONUS 1: The Digital Edition graphics are in color and the Table of Contents is hyperlinked direct to the chapters for easy navigation.
BONUS 2: The Digital Edition zipped file contains a separate PDF with the answers to the lessons posed in the book.

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a standard, graphical modeling representation for business processes. It provides an easy to use, flow-charting notation that is independent of the implementation environment. An underlying rigor supports the notation facilitating the translation of business level models into executable models that BPM Suites and workflow engines can understand. Over recent years, BPMN has been widely adopted by Business Process Management (BPM) related products by both the Business Process Analysis and Modeling tool vendors and the BPM Suites.

This book is for business users and process modeling practitioners alike. Part I provides an easily understood introduction to the key components of BPMN (put forward in a user-friendly fashion). Starting off with simple models, it progresses into more sophisticated patterns. Exercises help cement comprehension and understanding (with answers available online). Part II provides a detailed and authoritative reference on the precise semantics and capabilities of the standard.

About the Authors: Renowned experts Stephen White (IBM) and Derek Miers (BPM Focus) have been involved in the development of the BPMN standard since the early days of BPMI.org. As Work Group chair and Specification Editor since its inception, Stephen White was instrumental in creating the BPMN standard and is now guiding its continuing refinement at the OMG. Derek Miers has played a leading role in the BPMN space first as Co-Chair of BPMI.org and more recently within the OMG. He delivers training and consulting worldwide around BPMN, Process Architecture and BPM in general.

 Note: The Free Templates (value $199) are available with purchase of this title only.



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About the Templates

Engage the whole team in modeling discussions with this easy low-tech, high-touch way of hands-on modeling using printed magnets or self-sticking sheets printed with the standard graphical elements (or shapes) in the BPMN specification.

Work with your hands: Using the printed shapes of the elements allows an individual or a collaborative team to physically move the icons while discussing a new business model concept. In an interactive team environment you facilitate hands-on modeling and simulation of processes or systems to get group buy-in BEFORE you use your modeling software.

The graphic shapes come in two sizes: 6"x4" and 3.5" square, so they are easy for everybody in your group to see.

Note: Some knowledge of BPMN or Modeling Software is recommended when using these templates. 

When you buy the BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide, you will automatically get both the Core Set and the Full Set of the templates (38 unique elements) completely free, PLUS with the two valuable layout guides.

Print-ready artwork

You get 38 unique elements (Hi-Res JPG format) in two sizes of icons 3.5” square and 6”x4” rectangle divided into TWO sets:

The number in the filename indicates how many copies you should print of that shape to model a typical process.
Example: IE-Link-Throw-5.jpg means print 5 copies of this shape.

  • Core Set (most frequently used) of 14 unique elements which (printed to recommended quantity of each shape) produces 88 pieces.
  • Full Set (absolutely every element in the BPMN spec) of all 38 unique elements which produces 290 pieces of the recommended quantity.