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Rules, Relationships, and Robots

Intelligent Automation

Designing Strategies and Practical Implementation

“Intelligent automation is about real business change and long-term value. If you’re serious about transforming the nature of work in your organization through automation, you need to think beyond robotic process automation (RPA) and point solutions. A true intelligent automation strategy utilizes a combination of powerful technologies like AI, RPA, and data access alongside established processes to work holistically, resulting in smarter systems and actionable data insights.” 
~ Nathaniel Palmer

Topics include:

  • What makes automation intelligent automation (IA); why is it important?
  • What are the top attributes associated with successful and/or unsuccessful implementations (examples with or without redacted identity are ideal)
  • What does the path to achieving intelligent automation look like?  And, what does the future hold?
  • What are some of the key technologies and vendors and implementers in this ecosystem?
  • How will this market evolve over the next 5 years?
  • What about the human side?  What is the outlook for the impact on jobs?  What is the impact on large corporate HR?  What is the impact on society and culture?

 Examine award-winning case studies

- Alqueria nominated by AuraPortal

- California Resources Corporation nominated by ProcessMaker

- City of Fort Worth, Texas nominated by BP Logix

- Convergence Challenge in Technical Processes nominated by FiberCorp Personal Telecom (Telecom Argentina)

- Discovery Benefits nominated by Hyland Software

- Home Health Care Management nominated by i-Sight

- IBM Global Sales Incentives nominated by IBM

- IIC Technologies nominated by Bonitasoft

- Palmas City Hall nominated by SINAX Integração e Gestão de Processos

- PowerHealth nominated by PHS

- Sicoob Coopercredi, Brazil nominated by Lecom Tecnologia

- Vinnitsa EMD Center (VEMC) nominated by Eccentex