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Rules, Relationships, and Robots

Intelligent Automation

Designing Strategies and Practical Implementation

Intelligent automation is about real business change and long-term value. If you’re serious about transforming the nature of work in your organization through automation, you need to think beyond robotic process automation (RPA) and point solutions. A truly intelligent automation strategy utilizes a combination of powerful technologies like AI, RPA, and data access alongside established processes to work holistically, resulting in smarter systems and actionable data insights.

How Robots and AI Redefine the Rules

Robots and AI are redefining the rules for business execution and organizational agility. Investment in new technology is driven foremost by the goals increasing execution capacity (scalability) and organizational agility. Seeking more, faster, and most often with less personnel, enterprises prioritize technology investments which can speed time to market, to empower workers to make better-informed decisions, as well as to reduce the overhead otherwise required with delivering products and services to market.


Intelligent Automation

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  • The Man and the Machine and the Impact on the Future of Work, Alberto Manuel
  • Managing the Transition to IA,
    Karl Walter Keirstead
  • The Role of Data for Intelligent Business
    Kay Winkler
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Business Transformation in Action

  • Alquería Intelligent Business Operations, Colombia
  • California Resources Corporation, USA
  • City of Fort Worth, Texas USA
  • Discovery Benefits Inc., USA
  • Home Health Care Management, USA
  • IBM Global Sales Incentives, USA
  • IIC Technologies, Canada/India/UK/US
  • Palmas City Hall, Brazil
  • PowerHealth, Australia
  • Sicoob Coopercredi, Brazil
  • Vinnitsa EMD Center (VEMC)

Intelligent automation could not be more timely. If you could step back and take an overview of our world at this time you would see a dramatic increase in the automation of handling information in every part of society. Big data is the term of art and it goes without question that these immense collections cannot be processed manually. We live in a time when an increasing amount of Twitter traffic, Facebook posts, and blog comments are submitted by bots instead of humans. Posts by celebrities can go viral from the purely automated forwarding of those posts by bots following simple rules.

The thing to notice about this automation is that it is very powerful. Whether it is successful or good depends on how we value the results, but there is no doubt that the effect is quite powerful. It gets more interesting when you apply automation to the creation of bots.

Process automation has traditionally been a manual activity in the past. A business architect would use a process design tool to directly draw the process definition and that would become the core of the application that supports that process. We are beginning to see this change.

~ Excerpt from Foreword by Keith Swenson, WfMC Chair