Don’t hold your breath for the industrial IoT platform February 18 2015

Don’t hold your breath for the industrial IoT platform

The industrial IoT is messy, and early adopters should be ready for some DIY before platforms emerge.
Layna Fischer's insight:

"The industrial IoT will eventually eclipse consumer markets, in terms of both the number of connected devices and the volume and value of connections. But the market’s potential is so large because it’s not just one market. The only thing salinity sensors, tire pressure monitors and nuclear density gauges have in common is that they’re all very important devices that someone wants to connect (though not necessarily to one another).

"The industrial IoT is a nearly limitless collection of use cases, each with its own ecosystem of hardware, APIs, networks, security protocols and financial constraints. And unlike the consumer industry, which is forced by markets toward openness and standardization, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that in many industries, vendors will create and maintain proprietary standards for the foreseeable future. All of that adds up to a mess for the enterprise, device manufacturer, or ISV that wants to get the jump on their competition and lead the charge."

Be interesting to see what emerges from the minds and thoughts of the co-authors on the upcoming book "BPM Everywhere: BPM and the Internet of Things." 

The book will discuss critical issues currently facing BPM adopters and practitioners, such as the key roles played by process mining uncovering engagement patterns and the need for process management platforms to coordinate interaction and control of smart devices.